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Making 21st century science and technology accessible, engaging, and personal.

Underground Engine is a multidisciplinary consortium of artists, scientists and technologists focused on communicating environmental and scientific topics to a wide audience. We artfully combine our experience from film, visual effects, virtual reality, interactive media, and the sciences to create immersive content that allows the public to engage, be excited by, and more intelligently respond to the scientific, technological and environmental issues that are shaping the world of the future.


We create artistically captivating and enriching exhibits
for public or private display

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Core Team

Our core team is comprised of artists, activists, and technologists. Our shared backgrounds extend through software development, visual arts, improvisational theater, storytelling, business simulation, educational outreach, data visualization, and scientific research in fields as diverse as quantum gravity, evolutionary biology, and social psychology. From this diverse toolkit we synthesize learning experiences tailored to the needs of the client, the topic, and the audience.

We build engaging and immersive content
for Film, Science, Virtual Reality

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Gallery & Portfolio

Underground Engine brings top-shelf cinematic visualization to film, dome, VR, EdTech, and medical/scientific arenas creating imagery that is not only descriptive but also entrancing. Additionally we offer sophisticated simulation technology to create customized interactive models of microbiological and biotech phenomena that allowing clients to immerse their audience inside of their technology via virtual and augmented reality environments.


Entertainment Gallery Realistic Vision

Essential areas:

  • Film and visual effects
  • Large scale CG environment & set extension
  • 3d fluids & skyscapes
  • Look & workflow development and optimization
  • Software testing, User and UI design
  • Project design and conceptualization

science viz

Science & BioTech Gallery Creating the Unseeable

Essential areas:

  • Microbiological and molecular visualization
  • Integrated science advisory panel
  • Scientific visualization for television, online and full-dome presentation
  • MOAs or “Mechanism of Action” animations for any subject
  • Interactive Microbiological and Pharmacological simulations
  • Interactive kiosks and installations for conferences


Virtual Reality & ISA Gallery Insightful Invention

Essential Areas:

  • Virtual Reality Development & Content
  • EdTech
  • Interactive Design
  • Custom Dynamic Systems based on Abiogenesis
  • Complex Systems Research
  • Network Based Models of Natural Phenomena

We communicate cutting edge science topics to anyone
in a way they can see, feel, and understand

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Latest News & Events

image blog
Moss Theater, Santa Monica November 12, 2017

The My Hero Project

We're extremely honored that The MY HERO Project is giving us an award in a special experimental category at their International Film Festival this year. Our Primordial Soup! VR experience has been a breakthrough project for us and we're elated to get recognition for our hard work. We are deeply grateful to Wendy Milette and Chris Cain for giving us so much support. We'll been in Los Angeles demonstrating our project at the Ann and Jerry Moss Theater on Sunday November 12, 1-3 pm - please come check it out!

image blog
Academy of Sciences, San Francisco October 19, 2017

NightLife at The Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences has invited us to partake in the NightLife - an evening of Extraterrestrial entertainment on October 19, 6-10 pm. We're hoping to play with some of our own ET's from our Primordial Soup Virtual Reality demonstration. This project began as a collaboration with the SETI Institute when we created an interpretive representation of life as it may exist on the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system. The project has since evolved into a fantastic example of the origins of life. Join us on Thursday and check it out!

image blog
Mountain View, CA October 17, 2017

EdTech Innovation

In order to get the word out about our sim technology and increase our exposure, we've been going to Meetups around the San Francisco Bay Area. The Silicon Valley Virtual Reality group kindly gave us space for a demo in September, and we took part in an amazing meeup at the Google Launchpad with the Non-gaming VR group a few weeks ago. Meetups have been a great opportunity to practice our verbal and demo skills, as well as to meet interesting people. We're having fun trying to open the doors to new possibilities.